Adult Payment Gateway

What Is An Adult Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway or credit card payment gateway is the virtual payment processor for online businesses.  Now, an adult payment gateway is actually the credit card payment facility for adult themed businesses or high risk businesses.

Thus, if you are applying for a merchant account and that you are denied or that you are being charged higher service fees because your business is considered high risk, then it may help to know why it is so.  Likewise, we will provide you herewith some tips in finding an adult payment gateway so that when you know that your business is categorized as high risk or adult themed, you will be able to find the payment gateway for your business.

Businesses considered adult themed or high risk.

Adult themed businesses

  • Online dating websites
  • Adult dating websites
  • Online chat services
  • Phone Sex Companies
  • Adult Toy Stores/Adult Novelties
  • Legal escort services
  • Legal brothel or companion
  • Clubs and Membership Business
  • Nudist Camps and Adult Themed Events
  • Strippers and Strip Clubs
  • Adult toys and novelty products

High risk businesses

  • Online travel services
  • Currency exchange services
  • Online supplements
  • Bad debt services

If your business falls under any of the categories above, then you have to acquire a high risk or adult merchant account to be able to accept payments.

Also, you will require an adult payment gateway for your payment transactions.  In this case, if you cannot pay for the higher service fees required by some financial institutions, you may opt to find your payment gateway online.

You may acquire an adult merchant account from an online merchant account provider or an offshore merchant account provider.

It may help you to know that there are online merchant account providers that specialize on adult merchants and high risk merchants.  They will require a few documents to assess the veracity of your business.  They will also need to know the person behind the business so that they will be able to gauge if you or your business is engaged in fraudulent transactions.

They may still require higher service fees but usually, it will be lesser than 20% which other financial institutions require.

Another option is for you to get your adult merchant account and adult payment gateway from offshore merchant account providers.  They offer lower service fees as compared to the others.  This is because of the lower cost of operations in their country and they pay zero taxes as well.

The adult payment gateway will likewise require you documents to prove your identity, the details and the potential for profitability of your business.  There may be other documents that the acquirer bank they are working with will require.  After you have submitted these documents, they will process your application and in no time, you will be able to accept payments.

One final note, you have to research the offshore merchant account provider before you secure their services.  You sure do not want to be connected with unscrupulous organizations and thus, you have to research them, check the experience of other businesses using their services.

When you are able to find the reliable and reputation of the merchant account provider, then, you will be assured your business is protected and payments from your customers will be credited to your account properly.